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Benefits and Needs Behind Self-Storage

Whether you are in a position where you need to free-up space around your home, if you are in need of a temporary place to store your belongings or if you need to archive important business documents, a storage unit is a viable solution. Before signing a contract on a rental, take the time to consider a few things such as what size unit you will need to hold your belongings, would a climate controlled unit suit your needs, what length of contract are you interested in and what is the ideal location of the storage facility you are seeking. By configuring your requirements first, you will ensure you are prepared to take the next steps in successfully renting the ideal storage unit to fit your needs.

Plan, Pack and Store Properly

Before bringing your items to the rented unit for storage, it is helpful to catalogue your items, and organize them in labeled cartons. Also, when packaging items follow guidelines such as place items of lighter weight atop heavier items, cover furniture in old sheets or blankets and utilize packaging materials like bubble wrap and foam sheets to protect fragile items. By doing the above you will ensure that your storage unit is not only organized and free of clutter, but also protected against damage.

Security and Insurance- Protect your goods

It is prudent to take steps to ensure that your belongings are secure before storing them in a storage facility. Take it upon yourself to research the facility that you will store your belongings at to find out more about the particular security measures that are in place. Having numerous video cameras on site is important, but is just the beginning. Some self-storage sites offer digital codes to be input before allowing access to particular units. In addition, using cylinder locks that have no exposed hasp, as typical deadbolts do, can ensure that your unit can not be entered into by bolt cutters.

In addition to having proper security for your belongings, they can also be protected by purchasing insurance. This is wise to do, as storage facilities are not responsible for the items that are stored in a self-storage unit. Make sure to speak with your insurance agent as your current homeowners or renter's policy could possibly cover the items that you are storing.

Choosing a Site

With the dizzying number of self-storage facilities currently available, it can be confusing as to the right place for you. When choosing for your self-storage needs you are making the move to receive competitive prices from reputable local companies. Our friendly staff will work to fit you with the right size unit for your budget. To begin the process of securing your ideal storage unit simply complete the form above or call 888-327-2734 to speak with a representative.